The city of Pisa has a thousand-year history that it reached its peak at the time of the Maritime Republics, a period that made the city center a treasure chest of artistic treasures, in which Romanesque and Gothic churches stand out. Its famous Piazza dei Miracoli is one of the most beautiful in the world and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.


Lucca is one of the most beautiful and loved cities of art in Tuscany, a stop that cannot really be missed in a classic itinerary to discover the region. Nicknamed the City of 100 Churches, due to its incredible collection of places of worship, it is the only city-state in the region to have retained its independence until 1847. The historical circumstances have made it a splendid fortified island. which preserves a real artistic and architectural heritage within its walls.


Carrara is famous for its marble, many of the churches, statues and some of the most famous monuments of the region, and of the world, have often been made with “white gold”, the marble, symbol of the city. The Pantheon, Michelangelo’s David, Wellington’s arch in London but also the Taj Mahal were all made with Carrara marble. In addition to the marble quarries, the city hosts academies of sculpture and fine arts, a museum of statues and antiquities and an annual fair dedicated to the technology of marble. The local marble is exported all over the world, and even the marble from other countries has been modelled and sculpted commercially here.

What to see

Pisa: Piazza dei Miracoli

The Field of Miracles is the most popular attraction in Pisa and one of the most famous places in the worls. This walled area consists of The Lening Tower, the Duomo, the Baptistery and the Monumental Cemetery.

Pisa: Lungarni

Many poets and artists have let themselves be enchanted by Lungarni Pisani (roads along the river Arno) drawing inspiration from the splendid noble places overlooking the Arno river.

Pisa: Piazza dei Cavalieri

The square was the political centre, it was later transformed into centre of Order of the Knights of Santo Stefano by Cosimo I de’ Medici.

Lucca: City Walls

Lucca has one of the most impressive, completely preserved city walls in Europe. They are about 4km long and completely surrounds the old town.

Lucca: Piazza Anfiteatro (Amphiteatre Square)

The large and circular square is the heart of the city, it is surrounded by a ring formed by buildings.

Carrara: Marble Quarries

The caves where the famous Marble is extracted since centuries to be used to create exceptional art pieces and buildings.


Tuscan Soul

Carrara Marble tour

Foodie suggestions

Pisa, CECINA: Tuscan Chickpea Flour Flatbread

Pisa, TORTA CO’BISCHERI: Shortcrust pastry filled with dough that includes rice and chocolate, as well as raisins, pine nuts a candied fruit

Lucca, BUCCELLATO: Circular sweet cake filled with nuts, raisins and aniseed

Lucca, TORDELLI LUCCHESI: pasta staffed with beef, pork or green vegetables.

Carrara, LARDO DI COLONNATA: type of salumi made by curing strips of fatback with rosemary and other herbs and spices in marble basins