Authentic Experience Creators

Tuscany Private Tour promotes an authentic Tuscan lifestyle creating renewed traditional experiences,

linked to the land and to heritage, constantly adding unique choices to our services portfolio. Tuscany Private Tour offers to its partners access to the best tours: let your clients experience our land, our culture and all the secrets of a very old land, such as Tuscany is. Tuscany Private Tour has one main goal: revealing how it feels like to be Tuscan, to live a Tuscan life, eating Tuscan food and thinking the way someone from Tuscany would. That’s why we constantly add new experiences to our portfolio, making sure that our team is able to turn dreams into reality for our travellers. Our travellers look for the life changing moment, and it needs professional and innovative staff to make it possible: funny and intriguing guides, beyond the lines story tellers and deep knowers of cultural heritage are some of the main characteristics of our guides and tour leaders.

Gabriele Ciabattini

Founder & CEO

Alessia Bruni

Director of Sales

Knowledge of the territory

Our travel experts were born and raised in Tuscany, knowing and loving personally every single silent hill profile, or small city details to reveal to travellers. It needs professional dedication to let your clients live a life memory experience: this is the only standard we can take.


We were born and raised here, too, and there hasn’t been a day in our business life when we haven’t find out some new stories to tell: we love pioneering, build up new feelings, projecting experiences and turn them into accessible but unique emotions. Wherever you want to go within Tuscany or beyond, it is the beat of their hearts that counts.


We can arrange any experience beyond what you are thinking of, or your customer requires. We are flexible and we know how to make planning easier for you. We are experts in making possible every dream of your travelers, and we also have many tricks up our sleeves for those who do not yet know how to organize trips to Tuscany. With our services you will be able to offer your customers exceptional, unique and customized experiences. We are your reliable on site support, allowing you to access our services 7/24.


Our high level service starts from the first contact, and ends after the return from the activity. We take care of you throughout the full design and booking process and take care of your clients throughout the entire experience starting from pick up to drop off at their accommodation. Is there a sudden change? Did they miss the flight or did a problem arise? Do not worry, ours is really a luxury service, we are available 7/24 to make sure that every problem is promptly solved and your customers can enjoy a fantastic experience, any unexpected event arises.