There are many beautiful places to visit this year but let me give you my candid opinion. Have you seen the Tuscany region in Italy? If your answer is no, then your guess is as good as mine; you need to experience it. Hence I give you 10 exclusive activities to do when you tour the Tuscany region. And for private service, look no further.

1. Tuscany Food and Wine Experiences

'Amici e vini sono meglio vecchi' - meaning, Old wine and friends improve with age. Taste the best wine made by experts such as Alessandro Moggi, Stefano Sactà. You also get an opportunity to learn how and what goes into making the best wine. Its an experience of a lifetime. This is a honeymoon trip to a couple.


2. Vintage car tours

Think of driving in the FIAT 500. Amazing right. Not something you'll experience on a daily basis. I know this should be on your bucket list.


3. Learn how to make a new dish

2019 is all about new things, going beyond our comfort zones and most importantly making food. The Cooking Class, its an activity that teaches people how to prepare food from the Tuscany region. This is absolutley designed for you. You are taught how to make pasta, pizza, and many others. I do not want to wet your appetite.


4. Fashion Tour

Are you a fashionister? Then you know of Italian Fashion. See it first hand this year. Visit the fashion shops here in Italy by joining a private tour group where you are few in number and get the opportunity to see many great fashion stores in Florence. In Italian its called 'Firenze'. I taught you one Italian name; we it say differently in English.


5. Romantic Bike Experience

Nothing speaks romanticism more than tour on a Vespa. Its a type of scooter which can carry at most two people. You can stop as many times you want while exploring Tuscany. This is a classic Tuscany style do not want to just hear but experience. Its called the Vespa Tour. Try it out this year, you will come back thanking me.


6. Beauty at a glance

"Cinque Terre", is a beautiful site made up of five villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The names of the city speaks for itself. It recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Its beaches, sanctuaries, ancient fortress, ancient castles so many more are amazing works which need to beheld by the eyes. It is an awesome place to see during your tour in Italy


7. Customize your own Fragrance

A new year calls for a new look, a new aura and a new sense of smell. It is okay to buy a perfume you like but what of being part of its making process and details on its outcome. Its an adventure you should be emback on. Learning how to make the things you use on a daily basis and with expert help too. Think of smelling a flower you love and want; just only that smell and no additives, nice right? I recommend you the 'Customize Perfume Tour' where you learn all these things to kick start your new year at Tuscany Private Tour.


8. Explore the Italian Historic sites

The Tuscany region in Italy is known for its beautiful old buildings which dates back to ancient Roman empire days. Those buildings are still standing strong. The artistic look and building designs are fascinatiing to watch. And having a guide explain the history behind  every building you see will also make you appreciate how far the Italian people have come. The walls that surround the various cities are still there. A tour you do not want to miss.


9. Art work Designs

Are you a fun of art work? Want to know more about the amazing art works of various famous artists to enhance your artistics knowledge in the various old and exclusive art works? Then look no further and visit Tuscany to see the historic galleries such as the famous Uffizi Gallery. Find out how it was built and the history behind the various art paintings found at the gallery. Its a great heritage which is a wonderful opportunity to experience yourself.


10. The Carrara Marble

This is a journey of discovering the history of the famous white gold. Its all about marble mining where you discover the tradion of marble mining in Tuscany. Gathering to split white rock . An activity which started 2000 years ago in a place called Carrara. The marble quarries seem to be on a different planet when seen. The breath taking view between the sea and the peaks (Appennines) is a beauty to behold and a 2019 trip you can not afford to miss.


Make this year a memorable year, leave your comfort zone and explore its beauty. Touring the Tuscany region, all these provided.


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