To find Frescobaldi's family we have to go back to the 13th century in Florence. From that period on, this noble family has been involved in the political, economic and social history of Tuscany and Italy.

In middle age they spread their infuence as bankers, then during the Renaissance they played a role in the patronizing major works in Florence, such as the Basilica of Santo Spirito and Santa Trinita bridge's construction.

Frescobaldi family started producing wine in 1308 and became well-known also for the production of Tuscan wine. Michelangelo exchanged some of his paintings with Frescobaldi wine and the well-preserved wine also to Henry VIII king of England! This is a mission for the family to grow with the sixties all around Tuscany, a sustainable cultivation of the land to produce the best wines and to promote the culture of the land together with its centenary history.

At Frescobaldi, you can experience the diversity of true wine artisans, focus on quality and innovation without forgetting the wisdom of their ancestors.

Moreover, you will have the chance to see the process of becoming the fnes wines, taste the final product plus extra virgin olive oil and local food, made to highlight the character of their wines.


  • Sommelier/wine expert driver-guide
  • Luxury minivan Mercedes
  • Pick up and drop off at your local stay
  • Full Lunch with wine tasting at Salcheto
  • Visit and wine tasting in the afternoon at Boscarelli Estate
  • About 6h experience
  • Tour available by luxury minivan Mercedes or Helicopter


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