Grape is like pig: Nothing gets wasted. Liquid become wine, stalks go back to the soil as fertilizers, skins and seeds. They become fine spirits.

In Tuscany especially we have a very antique tradition of spirits made by distillation of grape skins such as grappa, a hard liquor that is used as a digestive in the end of the meal or to "clean" your espresso cup after you fnished the coffee. These spirits are for those who want to try the most genuine products of this land.

The frst step will be a winery in the Chianti area, where you will learn what you want before you can be made and how different skins and ways of aging can change the smell and favor of it. Not just grappa but also gin, a non-typical drink that now is the only one of a kind. In the Twenties by a noble marquis, in the Twenties by a noble marquis, where you will have the chance to see your own "Italian brandy". Taste the different shades of spirits and learn how to change each other, both in smell and taste.


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