Cinque Terre, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, are made up of five beautiful villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, placed in a corner of Liguria. The beauty of this land is not only due to its nature and its beautiful beaches, in fact these five quaint fishing villages offer amazing works: sanctuaries, ancient fortresses and rest of castles, remains of fortifications and the Ligurian Gothic style churches. Our tour includes a visit to four villages. The first stop on our tour is 'La Spezia', from which you will take a scenic route that offers unique and unrivalled sights in the famous 'Gulf of Poets'. Manarola is the first village along our route: a real gem, rich in typical tower houses Genoese style.

Established during the twelfth century, the name of this village - 'Manarola' - probably comes from "magna roea", a large mill wheel once was active in the hamlet. Our tour guide will take you on a pleasant stroll along the alleys and through the vineyards of the village; once at the sea, we will leave you some time to enjoy such a beautiful environment. Via a short train ride, you will then reach Riomaggiore, which boasts monuments of great interest such as the 'Church of St. John the Baptist', built in 1340, or the 'Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta’, which houses an impressive fifteenth-century triptych, and a wooden statue depicting the Madonna from the three hundred. The castle overlooking the old town shall not be missed.

Vernazza is the third leg of our fantastic Ligurian tour; considered by many the most charming of the Cinque Terre, its economic and social level reached in the Middle Ages is still witnessed in this quaint town by the urban layout and the presence of architectural elements of great value as lodges, churches, tower houses and porches. In Vernazza we want to enjoy a great typical Italian-based cuisine lunch, including wine of course and, after our meal, following a brief visit to the village, we will move towards Corniglia, the only village of the Cinque Terre that is not in direct contact with the sea. The houses of Corniglia, low and wide, are located on a rocky promontory, this allows visitors to enjoy a breath-taking view enhanced by inspiring silence. We are now ready for an unforgettable ice cream and, right after, we will begin our way back toward your stay.

The Cinque Terre: walking through villages and sanctuaries, boat trips, high-quality cuisine and fine wines.

Info Tour

- Private tour for small groups
- Visit of 4 villages
- Short break for an ice cream
- Return to agreed meeting point
- Languages: Italian, English + French and Spanish on request


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