Harvest has always been seen as a time of celebration in the countryside: the hard work, the cultivating sacrifices, all those efforts are finally paid off with the growth of grape and the festive time of wine making.

Those scenes of girls with skirts to the knee pounding the grapes have become an Italian symbol and have given their significant contribution to many Italian cult movies. Men would be seen all over the vineyard carrying immense quantities of grapes with large baskets and pouring them into tanks. Afterwards grapes would be pressed down to obtain the first juice useful in the process of making wine. The day would end with rich meals enjoyed at the table and the young ones being amused just breathing the widespread joy in the air. Mechanization was still awaiting to happen, harvest was carried out by whole families, pressing grape with their very feet inside huge wooden vats with great result, as a delicate pressing done with feet does not stress grapes.

This tour is highly recommended for those who want to try a unique experience, while capturing the real essence of living as Tuscan families from the countryside.

A visit to a winery with wine tasting is included; depending on the season guests can pick grapes or simply press grapes they have previously purchased. Discover these amazing ancient traditions and get a genuine product of quality

Info Tour

- Private Tour for couples and small groups
- Departure from Castellina in Chianti or from your hotel
- Professional driver and guide
- Explanation of the modern vinification method
- Grape Harvest (September and October)
- Grape Pressing with feet like the old tradition
- Wine tasting in a selected winery
- Tuscan meal based on 3 dishes
- Return to an agreed meeting point or to your hotel
- About 5 hours tour
- Languages: Italian and English


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