Here’s a viable alternative to see Florence city center and be able to see the highest number of iconic attractions in just one day: the Florentine gondola on Arno River. This is a fantastic seated experience that will allow travellers to observe Florence wonders from an original, unique point of view. What is the ‘barchetto’ exactly? The barchetto is a wooden boat whose shape is reminiscent of the Venetian gondola which, in antiquity, was used for the transport of goods for the construction of the city walls along the river.

To date the original 'Barchetti' sailing Arno in Florence are only four. Participating this tour one will have an extraordinary chance to enjoy some true beauties of the Tuscan capital with a local exceptional tour guide and discover curiosities and secrets of the buildings adorning its banks: enjoy a new way to discover Florence from a totally different perspective. On your Barchetto you will pass under the world famous Ponte Vecchio, Old Bridge, seeing all the iconic Florentine palazzos parading before your eyes. A glass of prosecco completes the deal while enjoying the splendour of Florence at the sunset, when the landscape is coloured with ocher and red, and it all looks like a perfect picture. The Barchetto itinerary includes all the major attractions of the City, the Barchetto will in fact lead you under the traditional Old Bridge, Ponte Vecchio, the picturesque Ponte Santa Trinita and to the Carraia Bridge in a succession of Florentine churches and historic buildings.

Info Tour

- Private tour for couples and small groups
- Departure from an agreed meeting point or from your hotel
- Walking tour with the guide till the meeting point with "renaioli" and boarding
- Prosecco and explanation of the surrounding places
- Return to an agreed meeting point or to your hotel
- About 2 hours tour
- Languages: Italian, English + French and Spanish on request


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